Arm Shaper Sleeves Compression Burning Fat

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These Arm Shaper Sleeves helps to massage, shape and slenderize your arms. It burns your fats, eliminate flabs without any strenuous exercise giving you the perfect arms that you’ve always wanted. You will notice results few days of your wearing them


  • These Arm Shaper Sleeves when worn, preserves your arm heat to stimulate more sweat while exercising
  • Hand Wash/Dry Flat recommended. Do not bleach, iron, twist or wring when drying. Also, do not dry in the hot sun
  • Whether you’re working out with weights, or performing your cardio routines, the anti-slip, grid-like surface that runs along the interior lining, will keep them in place
  • Made from neoprene material, it provides ample compression to the upper arm area resulting in more sweat, so that you can lose more arm fat, without having to work too hard


  • Size: 45*15 cm
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Color: Black , yellow
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