5Pack Car Windshield Glass Washer Cleaner

18.120 AED Other Currency

When driving, your car's windshield is your main view. If it is not clean and clear, your whole driving experience can be ruined real fast. Considering this, you need a permanent solution. This Combo contains

1. A pack of 6 pieces car windshield cleaning tablets 

2. FREE microfiber cloth to clean and dry your windshield after using tablets

How does it work:

1. Open your car's hood

2. Put one tablet in the washer fluid

3. Fill the container with water/coolant

4. Spray the tablet-filled water on your windshield and let the wipers do its cleaning thoroughly 

What can these tablets remove?

- Dust

- Insects

- Tree sticks

- Finger prints

- Sludge

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