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Fidget CubeToys Stress and Anxiety Relief

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  • This is a popular desk training → stress relief cube. As the name suggests, it is a toy made to relieve stress when it comes to stress. Although it is a small focus toy, it is compact and lightweight, and it is mini enough to fit in your pocket, so you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere
  • It has been popular among those who love gadgets overseas from the beginning to relieve frustration and stress. This is a new toy that has the effect of reducing leg shaking and hyperactivity... Fidget toy for fidgeting time "Fidget" means fidget or fidget and use instead of "mechanical clicking or leg shaking
  • Each side has a variety of gimmicks so you can play with your fingers and play with a number of different ways. The "Click", Glide, Flip, Breathe Roll, and Spin" are designed to suit your preferences, and are suitable for both men and women
  • Made of high quality materials: Super durable ABS plastic body, with a scrubbing feel that ensures longevity and gives a luxurious feel
  • Suitable for any occasion: Great for yourself, as well as as as a present for a highly practical and fashionable look. Relieves tension and anxiety without disturbing people around you


The original Goods and Gadgets anti-stress cube is a great toy for all ages.It helps in calming the nerves, increasing concentration, improving finger dexterity and fighting boredom. In fact, a cube can do almost anything you need. This Toy Cube can help with quick tension, former and stress. Each of the six sides presents a different challenge. From pressing, clicking, rotating, rolling, This makes the anti-stress concentrate the perfect gadget for a break.

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